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Revolutionize Supply Chain with Real-Time Visibility

BoxToPoint offers precise shipment tracking and real-time visibility in the cycle of supply chain. Our cutting-edge technology helps you optimize your logistics operations, whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, or any other industry. Based in Canada, our platform provides comprehensive logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping you to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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BoxTopoint Logistics Tracker

Real-Time Shipment Tracking and Visibility for Improved Supply Chain Management

BoxTopoint Digital Twin Integration

A technology that creates a digital twin of physical objects to minimize storage and transportation costs.

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Maximize Your Logistics Efficiency — For Independent Providers!

Our software integrates seamlessly with your existing supply chain systems, providing real-time visibility and digital twin integration technology to help you navigate packages with ease and efficiency. With the Boxtopoint app, your drivers can easily scan QR codes on packages to track their live location and update customers on accurate delivery times – no expensive tracking hardware required.

“Boxtopoint is more than just a software – it’s a game-changer for the logistics industry. Our goal is to empower independent logistics providers with the technology they need to improve their services and deliver a better experience to their customers.”

Mohammad Nasrollahi

Co-Founder and CEO of BoxToPoint

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BoxToPoint Features

Discover the innovative features that make Boxtopoint the solution of choice for independent logistics providers in Canada.

Real-time Visibility tracking

Real-Time Visibility

Boxtopoint offers real-time visibility into the supply chain, allowing for accurate tracking of packages throughout the entire journey.

Digital Twin technology

Digital Twin Technology

The use of digital twin software allows for more accurate tracking, placing, and movement of packages.

Mobile App Integration

Boxtopoint integrates seamlessly with a mobile app, allowing drivers to easily track and manage packages on the go.

Transparent Pricing

Boxtopoint offers a fee "per driver" model, ensuring transparent pricing for logistics providers.

Accurate Delivery Time Slots

Boxtopoint provides accurate delivery time slots to end-users through Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility technology, which allows for real-time tracking of shipments by scanning QR codes.

Advanced Analytics

Boxtopoint offers advanced analytics on spacing and transportation decisions, allowing for efficient space utility maximization and minute-by-minute

Customizable Notifications

Boxtopoint allows end-users to customize delivery notifications to get updates on their package's status through the mobile app, so they don't miss any important updates.

No additional customization or modules required

There is no need to purchase expensive tracking hardware or additional customization or modules.

Space Utility Maximization

Boxtopoint integrates Digital Twin Integration technology, which creates a digital replica of each parcel and determines the most efficient way to pack a delivery truck or van.

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High Quality Lab

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BoxToPoint Team

At BoxToPoint, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in logistics, technology, and business management. Our team members have a passion for innovation and problem-solving, and are dedicated to delivering the best solutions to our clients.

Mohammad Nasrollahi1

Mohammad Nasrollahi

Chief Executive Officer

With an MBA and a Bachelor of Commerce in Management, Mohammad has extensive experience in general trading and manufacturing. He is a proactive decision maker and skilled negotiator, always striving to improve our services and expand our reach.

Bijan Asghari2

Bijan Asghari

Chief Operating Officer

With a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Studies and Navigation, Bijan has years of experience in the Fleet vessels sector. He has received an appreciation letter from ports and maritime organizations for being an advisor in IMO annual sub-committee meetings, bringing his valuable expertise to our team.

Zahra Momeni

Chief Technology Officer

Zahra holds a Bachelor of Science in IT and possesses valuable experience in establishing a statistical site for a sea shipping and trading company. With her strong technical skills and knowledge, she leads the development and implementation of our innovative solutions.

Aida Babouyeh​

Aida Babouyeh

Business Development Manager

Aida has extensive experience in Quality Control Management as well as Quality Assurance Management. She also possesses valuable experience in establishing a statistical site for a sea shipping and trading company. With her expertise in business development, Aida ensures that our company continues to grow and excel in the industry.

Ready to streamline your supply chain and save costs?

Are you an independent logistics provider in Canada struggling with inefficient package tracking and maximizing storage space? Boxtopoint has the solution you’ve been looking for.

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